2014-15 Autumn Winter Trend Reports

SUBSCRIPTION ONLY - New directional themes for the season 'YX Generation', 'Future Visions', 'Super-Rich', and 'Low Tech / High Tech'.

2012-13 Autumn Winter Trend Reports

FREE CONTENT - Trend reports for the current season covering our 'Fragility', 'Sharp' 'Radical' and 'Remote' themes predicted 18 months ago.

2013 Spring Summer Trend Reports

SUBSCRIPTION ONLY - Trend direction for the season including our directional themes 'Nouveau Riche', 'Repair', 'Converge' and 'Carnival'

2013-14 Autumn Winter Trend Reports

SUBSCRIPTION ONLY - Insight into the latest trends for the season covering our themes of 'Reflection', 'Dark Clash', 'Honest' and 'Tomorrow'.

2014 Spring Summer Trend Reports

SUBSCRIPTION ONLY - Early direction for the season highlighting the latest trends 'Sacred', 'Heart+Mind', 'Fraternity' and Lux-craft.

Archive Trend Reports

FREE CONTENT - Take a look at some of our previous trend reports & directions predicted in the past that still provide some great reference points for now & the future.

Tommybe Tommybe

Logitech mx310
Version 1, Version 2

Plutodolaubp Plutodolaubp

ZBoard Reaper
Version 1

sophie logan

management and marketing
university of essex

Deryn Relph

Textiles, Fashion & Fibre
Southampton -WSA

Anna Davied

Interior Architecture and Design
Nottingham Trent University

Edmundb Edmundb

MS 3.0
Version 1

Bobb Bobb

Logitech G5
Episode 3


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