2011 Graduate Shows: Edinburgh College of Art

Date: 11-06-2011 till 19-06-2011
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Venue: Main Building, Architecture Building and Evolution House
Url: www.eca.ac.uk

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Visitors to ECA Degree Show 2011 will have the opportunity to discover all aspects of contemporary art, design and architecture practice in a unique exhibition environment. Across three buildings, the show caters for every taste, with many artists presenting work for sale or commission. 

Degree Show 2011 presents the work of nearly four hundred graduating artists and designers. As we move further into the 21st century, visual artists are increasingly locating themselves outside of the boundaries of individual mediums. Many of the students graduating this year – be they designers, makers or thinkers – class themselves not only as architects, sculptors, painters, animators or film directors, but more often as artists working between different media in an expanded and expanding global market.
Full Moon by Anna Geissler - Edinburgh College of Art
Full Moon by Anna Geissler
Nowhere is this cross-media practice more prevalent than in the discipline of Intermedia at ECA. 
Artists in this area are working from the 20th century legacies of installation, ambient/site-specific work, video, sound, performance, immersive artworks and conceptual art to create a new context for artistic practice. 
This cross-media approach is reaching out to all corners of the College, breaking down boundaries and leading to closer collaboration between departments within ECA and across to Schools in the University of Edinburgh, with whom ECA merges in August of this year. 
2011 marks the first year of students graduating after four years of study in Intermedia under the guidance of Award Leader and artist Dean Hughes. For this reason, Intermedia will be a focal point of Degree Show 2011, and its influence will be felt across all areas. 
Talking about the abrasion of boundaries across Edinburgh College of Art and a broader,  sensorial approach to art experience, Dean Hughes comments: ‘All advanced creative endeavour has to try to introduce something new to the existing artistic conversation. What's exciting about the way young artists work is that they often work beyond the commodity address traditionally assigned to mediums.’
The work of Animation and Film & Television graduates will be shown in the studios, but also in public screenings at the Filmhouse. The details are as follows:  Animation - Monday 13 June 6.00pm-8.00pm; Film & Television - Tuesday 14 June 8.30pm-10.30pm.
Highlights of the Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show 2011 include:
Jewellery Japanese designer Mariko Sumioka takes her inspiration from elements of traditional Japanese architecture such as linear forms, geometric shapes and natural materials’ colours and texture. Her materials are solid, but the structure of her jewellery is very flexible in order to follow a body line naturally. Mariko has also collaborated with Costume graduate Ilona Russell.
Mariko Sumioka - Edinburgh College of Art
Brooch by Mariko Sumioka
Intermedia Elizabeth Hurst presents a 12 minute exposure created using a disused shop front as a camera. The construction of the street-view camera and creation of postcards was intended to commemorate the closing of local shops and changes in the city of Edinburgh which are affecting street-life, commerce and everyday routine. 
Animation Natasha Gibson presents her degree show film, Donated Memories. The animation focuses on a brother and sister’s relationship as one of them prepares to leave for university. Upon deciding to donate unwanted belongings to a charity shop, the two of them remind each other of the strength of their friendship and how that will continue even when they part.
MFA Intermedia Multi-disciplinarian Stuart Fallon has created a mini degree show inside the Degree Show. THIS IS NOW is a temporary exhibition space in the ECA Sculpture Court. The space will host a series of daily exhibitions consisting of material sourced from, or influenced by works from other individual degree shows presented in the overall 2011 ECA show.
Interior Design student Daniel Rory Harvey has developed a proposal for ‘the Ultimate Fringe Experience’, a museum/archive/performance space that would provide a year-round hub for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. He located a disused UP Church on Blackfriars Street to use as a ‘live model’ for the proposal, a building previously owned by Richard Demarco and used for Fringe performances. 
Textiles artist Laura Wood explores how textiles can store information and record time. She creates fabrics for fashion that look like they are falling apart or worn away, but in a beautiful way, taking inspiration from patterns and textures found in nature such as moss, lichen and bark. In addition to presenting her own degree show work, Laura collaborated with Fashion graduate Fiona Somerville on a six-piece collection.
Landscape Architecture graduate Victoria Black presents her proposal for the Fleetwood Coastal Regeneration.  The Fleetwood coastline is home to a wealth of biotopes, ranging from the salt marshes and mud-flats surrounding the Wyre estuary to the undulating sand dunes to the north of the peninsula. This project aims to explore what a contemporary seaside resort might have to offer to protect the future of the tourist industry.
Product Design Victor Woronowicz has developed ‘Sonus Lux’, a unique and innovative concept for directional lighting by sound. Basically you click your fingers and the light source comes to the sound. Given the demand for increasingly bespoke lighting, the product is not only designed to enhance interior environments, but to adapt and respond to its sonic surroundings. 
Photography graduate Clare Bentham presents ‘Heroes’, a collection of portraits of workers in the emergency services. Exploring the public perception of heroism, Claire juxtaposes portraits of them as ‘heroes’ and as they really are. 
Fireman by Clare Bentham - Edinburgh College of Art
'Heroes' by Clare Bentham 
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