Graduate Profile: Loredana Ena, BA (Hons) Textile Design - Nottingham Trent University

on 4/7/11

© Loredana Ena 2011

Profile Information:

Loredana has just graduated from NTU where she specialised in Textile Print Design. During her degree, she used a variety of practises and techniques including photography, 3D design and CAD. Loredana's work has been exibited at Premier Vision, Paris, and she has also designed a wallpaper collection to update Harlequin's existing collection for Anstey Wallpapers.

Loredana usually tries to capture her inspirations and explore ideas through the use of photography, drawing and mark making. She then develops them using CAD or through screen-printing processes to build texture and imagery, creating carefully balanced compositions.

What was the inspiration behind your final collection / project?

In this project I have focused on a non-literal interpretation of the motions created in dance, identifying and illustrating characteristics like fabric movement and texture through photography and mark making.

Describe the key features of your collection / project?

Colour has been a large focus of this project, used to evoke moods in a way that is dramatic and fluid like the dances themselves, using a combination of bold and neutral tones to balance the designs.

Have you completed any work experience or industry collaborations?

I have exhibited my work at Premier Vision, Paris, as well as contributing designs for competitions for Speedo and Bradford textiles, all of which reinforced my knowledge and understanding of both the interiors and fashion market. My work at Studiomade@ntu focused my strengths in marketing, communications and design, here I developed skills in how best to promote and sell design work, as well as the research skills for identifying trends.

What are your short or long-term career aspirations?

I would love to set myself up as an in-house designer, working alongside other creative individuals, brainstorming and feeding off each other's energy to keep you motivated and to further ideas. I love working as part of a team for the support that you gain and seeing different approaches, however I am quite independent so I like being able to get lost in my work, going off and exploring ideas without the complication of too many opinions.

Do you have any words of wisdom that you could pass on to 1st or 2nd year students?

Don’t wait till tomorrow when you can do it today. The great thing about creativity is that it can spark from anything, but its lost if you don’t just allow yourself the time to go with it. Don’t get caught up in the technical, there is always a way, you just have to find the right approach!

© Loredana Ena 2011

Quickfire Q&A:

What is your most treasured procession?
My Gold ‘13’ necklace, it was my dads when he was little and it is my lucky charm as well as a comfort to know my family is somehow with me.

Last exhibition / event that you went to see?
The one that’s stands out is the shadow exhibition at the V&A. That was an amazing exhibition for someone like me who is very into photography. The techniques used to make these pieces were so simple, but created such interesting images.

What would your superpower be?
Flying! Its simple I know, but when ever I see birds in flight, I get so jealous of how they glide so elegantly. I used to have dreams that I could fly, I would circle my favourite places in London and sit on top of buildings watching over commuters. When I woke up I would feel so frustrated that I hand to use my feet!

What are you wearing today?
A cream dress with a repeat black line motif from Love, cream long length cardigan and black and gold belt! I pretty much always wear a waist belt, it’s my favourite clothes accessory except for in the winter, it has to be my scarves. I have a million scarves!

Your favourite book?
When I was travelling in Italy I ran out of books, so I picked one up from the nearest English book store. It was called ‘The Birth of Venus’. It was a combination of history and an unconventional love story set in Florence. The beauty it described in the architecture and street layout inspired me to detour my travels and head straight there, and I was definitely not disappointed!

Your favourite film?
This is always a hard question as I’m such a film addict! I love all types of genres, but I guess my preference is more for comedies. An unusual one that comes to mind is a French animation called 'A Town Called Panic', most probably one of the most random films you will ever watch, definitely need to watch with someone else in order to really appreciate the humour.

Your favourite location?
Right now I would say Valencia! I think it is a very underrated city and has so much to offer. My camera never stopped clicking away. I fell in love with the people, food (of course) and architecture. Living in a city like that you couldn’t possibly be unhappy.

Your favourite style icon?
I don’t tend to base my style on someone else’s identity though I do love the style of the 1920’s and 1950’s.

Your favourite artist?
I have a great love for Edward Hopper! I myself am not even sure why, but there is something about his paintings that force me into contemplation. It was one of the first books I purchased of one specific artist, and it always draws me back when I find I need time to just stop and relax.

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