Graduate Profile: Ruth Lawrence, BA (Hons) Textile Design - Nottingham Trent University

on 25/4/11

Ruth Lawerence
© Ruth Lawrence 2011

Profile Information

Ruth Lawrence is a Textile Design graduate from Nottingham Trent University. Currently based in Liverpool Ruth is developing a career as an Interior Stylist. After designing fabrics for interiors during her degree and studying electives in home & lifestyle trend prediction she is inspired by interior design and visual engagement. Ruth is passionate about design and styling for residential and commercial properties. By concentrating on colour, pattern and texture and having strong vision and style lead awareness she aims to create beautiful and stylish interiors.

Ruth Lawerence
© Ruth Lawrence 2011

What was the inspiration behind your final collection / project?

The inspiration for my final project was “Aged Luxury” / “Rough Luxe”. After coming across some photographs of derelict theatres I became fascinated about how things of such grandeur can be affected by time and neglect. Focusing on surface interest and colour I wanted to mix together an element of luxury and glamour with a distressed, aging quality.

Describe the key features of your collection / project?

My collection was very much based on pattern, colour and texture and how each of these areas could suggest a different quality for my fabrics. I have always loved intricate patterns, taking inspiration from the ornate architecture of derelict theatres – this was my main focus when applying my paper designs to woven fabrics. I used two design processes in my project, jacquard weaving and digital printing. I used the power loom to create patterned fabric to relate to my research into architecture and I used digital printing to explore density of colour on fabric.

Have you completed any work experience or industry collaborations?

During university I had two work placements, one with Nottingham based textile accessory designer Debbie Bryan and one at George head office in the ladies wear woven department. Since graduating I have also had a placement in London with international lifestyle accessory design company Oromono.

What are your short or long-term career aspirations?

To become an Interior Stylist. I have always been fascinated and passionate about interior design and beautiful imagery and have known for a long time that this is the area where I want to build and develop a career. My goal is to be an interior stylist and store owner based in Liverpool’s design quarter.

Do you have any words of wisdom that you could pass on to 1st or 2nd year students?

Take risks, note down every process, photograph everything and most of all enjoy it!

Quickfire Questions:

Last exhibition / event that you went to see?
A Collector’s Eye: Cranach to Pissarro at the Walker Art Gallery Liverpool.

Most inspirational person you have met?
So far in my career that would have to be Kirsty Anne Powell – founder of Oromono and creative consultancy Sketch. She really gave me the confidence to pursue my dream of becoming an Interior Stylist and is a fantastic source of information and guidance for creative graduates. Her one to one mentor sessions that Sketch consultancy offers is definitely something I would recommend to all students and soon to be graduates!

What inspires you the most?
Colour, a constant source of inspiration to me.

Your favourite film
Dead Poets Society

Your favourite artist
Egon Schiele

Ruth Lawerence
© Ruth Lawrence 2011

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