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on 26/3/12

Fashion Looks North

This blogger searches the North of England to bring you the best street style from a number of cities. From Liverpool to Carlisle, this girl captures the most stylish men, women, girls, boys and even grandma's! Not only has she been entered for a number of blogger competitions, she also has a section in Live & Love York Magazine. For the most inspirational street style in the North, this is the blog to look at.

Fashion Looks North student blogs

Fashion Looks North Blog

My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady is a blog set up by a Fashion Design student who specialises in lingerie & swimwear. She has her own lingerie business, which is the main basis of the blog, with photography and events featuring her underwear. The layout and aesthetics of the blog suits the nature and her lingerie collections.

My Fair Lady student blogs

My Fair Lady Blog

Looking Through Big Glasses

Looking Through Big Glasses is a blog created by Emma Clare Whitfield, who is studying fashion design, specializing in woven textiles and styling. The blog is full of inspirational pictures and photography taken from magazines shoots and fashion shows. The layout is clear and easy to follow.

Seen Through Big Glasses

My Heart On My Fashion Sleeve

My Heart On My Fashion Sleeve is a blog produced by a Fahion Promotion and Styling student called Michelle, who has a passion for 1950s film and fashion! Throughout the blog there are comments alongside pictures , with past decades being a common thread throughout.

My Heart On My Fashion Sleeve

The Innovation Alphabet

The Innovation Alphabet blog has a unique concept, where the blogger goes through the alphabet, blogging everything A-Z creative. The blog is exciting and covers different aspects of design and advertising. 

The innovation Alphabet

Sitting Pretty.

Claire is a Fashion Promotion with Styling student from Preston with a huge love for vintage fashion which her blog features heavily around.  Throughout her blog she supports independent retailers and up and coming companies as well as local fairs and events.  Her enthusiasm for styling shows in her "Celebrity Style Crush" features in which she breaks down one of her style crushes' fashion and then offers up high street alternatives.

Sitting Pretty at my Desk

Sitting Pretty blog

Discotheque Confusion

As the headline says: "quirky fashion from a scruffy brit", this student blogger photographs her life and her interaction with fashion and posts it on her blog. Celebrated on The Times 'most referenced blog' list and Vogue's 'The Vogue Blog Hub' she filters her own personal taste down through the fashion shows and high street fashions she interacts with. She creates her own edits of the current fashion shows and post blogs featuring her own photoshopped collages. She also collaborates with other bloggers to produce reviews of her fellow blogger's sites, and gives her readers ideas of new blogs to follow.

Discotheque Confusion Blog

I Want You To Know

"A stream of fashion consciousness" by final year fashion knitwear student who recently took part in a 7 month work placement in New York.  Kristabel hopes to one day work for a high street design time an admits she has a slight shopping addiction blogging regular outfit posts.

I Want You To Know Blog

I Want You To Know Blog

You Can't Hold Onto Water

This blog takes a slightly different slant to most other fashion blogs in that the main focus of the blog is on the styling of music videos.  Each post is titled by a lyric from a song and Chris' passion for styling comes across in his video choices.  As well as posting videos he loves, Chris occasionally posts videos in which he was disappointed by the styling.


You Can't Hold Onto Water Blog

5 inch and up

Finish born Sandra is a fashion design student at London College of Fashion with a wardrobe that most would kill for.  Although she blogs mainly outfit posts, Sandra's personal style as well as the inspirational settings and some fantastic photography have made her blog count over 1.5million since February 2010.

5 inch and up blog

5 inch and up Blog

Vodka Latte Freshly Squeezed

This blog from South Africa is full of inspiration.  The mood boards, colour palettes and hand-written notes make it a really fun read.  Mood boards aren't based on trends but personal loves and fashion ideas.

Vodka Latte Freshly Squeezed Blog

Vodka Latte Freshly Squeezed Blog


Lots and lots of beautiful and inspiring images, photography, art, interiors and dreams from Sweden.

Lolita blog

Lolita Blog

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